Set-up 2021 competition season
03 maart 2021 
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Set-up 2021 competition season

The entire community is disappointed that most sports locations are closed and competitions will not take place for the upcoming period. The government is now aiming to restart the events from summer, unfortunately, May is just too early for an event.

One thing is for sure, we are not going to cancel our live event but move it to another date AND we will certainly motivate and support you during this period!

We have managed to move the Njoya League to the weekend of September 18-19, 2021.

The live event will take place in the same format and location as originally planned but after the summer. Of course, your team is assured of a place and can’t wait to give you an unforgettable competition experience. Everyone is ready for an event, without extra rules and hassles.

We’re going to organize a 3rd Online competition for our community!

It means a 2nd Support your box edition! This online team competition has been set up to support the community: 5 euros per ticket will be transferred to the (registered) box/gym of the athlete’s choice.

Njoya League 2021 competition season

Athletes who signed up for our live event AND crewmembers can register for free.

You’ll receive an email with a 100% discount code on March 15th! Your original ticket, division, and category will be maintained for September live event.

Do you want to change your division and/or category for the Online competition?

Due to the 1.5m-protocol, we only have Buddy Team categories. In this Online competition, you are allowed to replace an athlete and/or participate in another division and category. You don’t have to report this, we use the selected division of your 1st score.

Test your Fitness together with your buddy and support your favorite box and sign up!

get your ticket & Support your box/gym

Are you a CF box or gym owner? Promote this event, and receive 5 euros per sold ticket.

The “support your box competition tickets” can be purchased through your personal partner link!

– no registration fees;
– without obligations;
– fair cooperation;
– a transparent overview;
– a great way to join forces;
– extra turnover for you as an entrepreneur.

Here you’ll find an overview of registered CF boxes & gyms.

Despite the circumstances, we are grateful for the cooperation and understanding of the athletes, our partners, suppliers, event venue, and superteam.

We would like to welcome you to Support your box: 15 April – 5 May 2021, and your next Live event: 18-19 September 2021, Health Center Hoenderdaal, Driebergen.

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