Cool that you want to contribute to the next event!

Brace yourself for another AMAZING weekend!

Event info & updates

Ins and outs about events such as judge forms, timetables, etc, will be shared at this crew lounge and we’ll update you via our email list.

Besides that, we'll welcome you to a Whatsapp group for the 3-2-1 questions and answers!

Available in the crew lounge:

  • coffee, tea, water with mint, ginger
  • 2 drinks per person per day
  • fresh fruit and tasty snacks

And of course, we will be present with ridiculously tasty and healthy meals!

Feel free to bring your favorite guilty pleasure to share!

Furthermore, we have of course provided a series of healthy meals for you as a crew!


Overnight stay

After competition day, we will drive to this location.

When we arrived, we had already eaten. For the people who like to have a drink afterward, you are most welcome! These drinks & snacks (mostly bitter balls hahaha) are not included and are for your own account.

Don't feel obliged to be here, if you want to withdraw yourself and take some rest, we respect this.

Breakfast package

Since the breakfast buffet opens at 07:30 (too late for us), we have arranged a breakfast package for everyone.

When you have a favorite breakfast, don't forget to bring it.


We will provide lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks!

Don't worry, we'll take care of you.


1 or 2 T-shirts included! 

Put on your favorite black pants and a pair of cool sneakers and you're ready to rock!

2 days crew

Great to see you all weekend!

In this case we offer you the opportunity to use an overnight stay.

First time?

Don't worry! 

Just as we operate in different divisions, we are eager to train you as a new crew member.

Do you have any doubts about your role?

We have made an overview for you with the different job descriptions. Download the overview so that you can immediately make a good choice.

After registration, we'll contact you to make sure the task at this event is a perfect match for you🏆 

This is going to be a pretty FUNcking weekend 🎉

Warm up

23 Nov: 15.00 - 19.00

Day 1
25 Nov: 7.30 - 19.30
Day 2
26 Nov: 7.30 - 19.30
Cool down
26 Nov: 20.00- 22.00

Questions? contact us