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Event information

Our events are set up in such a way that the level of difficulty is built up and you can benefit each other's strengths.

What you need to know

Team composition: categories

How many people can you register per Buddy Team or Fantastic 4?

Is it still possible to change the team composition before for the event?

If I am in a team but I can’t participate in the end what happens then?


Minimum skills explained per division.

What is the Prep division?

When can I register as a Master 35+?

Are you promoted to a higher division?

Do you want to compete in a lower division?

Registration Online competition

No qualification procedure, but an open registration, so no extra costs.

Each participant must register individually and get an athlete ticket.

Athlete information and communication will be done at the Njoya League competition corner (part of Ondernemen op Sneakers).

Online Competition: 10-30 September 2020

More FUN!

For an extra fun experience, the Online competition will be spread over 3 weeks. 

In addition, we have opened this online competition for athletes who want to participate.

The bigger the competition, the better the test, experience, and exciting the competition will be!

Same team composition

Since we are a big fan of teamwork, the setup: Buddy Team and Fantastic 4 will be maintained.

The workouts are designed so that the 1.5 meters guidelines of the RIVM & NOC * NSF can be maintained.


All teams that have already registered for the September 12-13 edition, are currently on the waiting list or previously had to withdraw after moving the event from May to September, can also participate in this competition.

Registration can be done until 15 September, 23.00 hours. 

Set-up Online competition

  • 3-week competition, 1 workout per week;
  • Announcement every Thursday at 11.00 hours;
  • Submit scores: until Wednesday until 23.00 hours;
  • Registration fee: €10,57 per athlete;
  • Registration is open until 15 September 23.00 hours!
  • This amount is including access to our Online platform: Ondernemen op Sneakers with a Master membership, worth €37,00 per month.

How to register for the Online competition?

  • Decide in which division you want to compete in;
  • Choose a category: Fantastic 4 or Buddy Team;
  • When Buddy Team, choose: Female, Mix, or Male BT;
  • Get your Athlete Registration ticket;
  • Because of our administration, each participant must register individually and buy an athlete ticket;
  • You don’t have to mention your team name with your registration, we’ll check your registration with your score submission.

Is it possible to join the (team) Online competition?

Yasssss you can 🥳
We have opened this online (team) competition for athletes who want to participate.

Create a Buddy- or Fantastic 4 Team, choose your division, category, and sign up!

Registration is possible until 15 September 23.00 hours!

Will you announce the workouts beforehand?

Yes, we will announce “most” workouts on our website, Facebook page, Instagram, and email.

This way you’re able to practice team tactics with your favorite buddy(‘s).

Movement standard (videos), the flow of the workout, and score forms will be released in our academy.

Athlete information and communication will be done at the Njoya League Competition corner (part of Ondernemen op Sneakers).

Live event: 8-9 May 2021

Same period, next year

The live event will take place in the same format and location as originally planned, but next year: May 8-9, 2021.

Your registration is arranged

All registered athletes are automatically admitted based on the existing ones registered. You don't have to sign up again!

Thanks for your understanding

We are working hard towards an awesome event in the future, so we all have something beautiful to look forward to.