Sometimes you need a goal to motivate yourself.

Athletes who miss the live events and fun gatherings, we've got your back!

We offer you a sporty, challenging, and above all FUN event!

train together

A little bit scary to compete as an individual athlete?

Don't worry!

The workouts are set up in such a way that the level of difficulty is built up and you can benefit from each other's strengths. 

Always wanted to compete at a big event?

Most competitions are pretty high/elite level

Every level is welcome!

Within our community, everybody deserves a podium spot! Young, experienced, amateur, and pro. 

fun event

Need a goal to motivate & push yourself?

We've got your back!

All athletes have a common goal: 
becoming fitter and pushing boundaries, both physically and mentally.

Athlete stories

This video includes athlete stories of the following athletes:

Stacy Jones, Bruna Baxhix, Paul Richardson, Daan Toolenaar, and Amy van der Stigchel.

Thanks for competing at our events and sharing your story 🎉

Let's design your team

Teamwork makes the dream work! It's magical to celebrate your victories with your favorite buddies 🏆🎉

Who will be on your team? Which category are you competing in?

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