ROW nutrition gives the podium teams a unique prize
22 november 2022 
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ROW nutrition gives the podium teams a unique prize

ROW - The Nutrition of Tomorrow

Does your shake also taste like gumballs? Do you want to consume less animal food, but still recover optimally from your training? Which can!

ROW Nutrition is a sports nutrition brand for high performer who does not want to make any concessions between their own body and the planet.

"We combine the benefits of insect protein with an optimal ratio of isolates from peas and rice. The combination of the protein from plant-based isolates, enriched with insect nutrients delivers a broad mixture of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Consider it the best of both worlds in terms of nutritional value; and the ultimate way to recover!"

Row Nutrition stir Prize podium finishers Njoya League

"Our 'ultimate sustainable recovery shake' - the Hybrid Protein - is a 'best of both worlds blend of vegetable protein isolates, enriched with the many micronutrients and amino acids from… insects!"

The flavor variants have been developed with natural ingredients instead of aromas by two of the country's best pastry chefs, and are packaged in a luxurious, refillable packaging tin.

They will provide the podium finishers ROW Hybrid Protein sample pack (5 flavors), packaged in a Njoya League Trophy edition of their signature packaging tin.

Since their mission is to accelerate the world's transition toward sustainable sports nutrition. And they aim to be the leading pioneer in sustainable sports protein solutions for high-performing athletes. We thought you wanted to give it a shot!

Last but not least: 

Step by their booth (number 90) to taste our shakes and bars, or to discuss the possibilities for a 'point of sale' in your gym, box, studio, or store.

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