Choose the division that fits you best! Safe yet challenging!

Is this your first time?


We have created an overview that explains all skills per division. 

All exercises and weights are set to a medium/high rep range (8-15 reps) unless mentioned otherwise. 

Note: these are minimum skills no, maximum efforts

You can benefit from each other's strengths

It may well occur that you might not be able to do all parts equally well, but the workouts are set up in such a way that the level of difficulty is built up and you can benefit from each other's strengths.

If you are in doubt you can ask your coach or contact us.

What is the Prep division?

The Prep(eration) division is intended for the fanatic athletes who have not yet made it to (the finals) of a big event like Amsterdam -, Beach – or Lowlands Throwdown and/or the Njoya League.

We want athletes (without competition experience) to get to know the competition element of our sport.

Minimum skills per division

Prep division

air squat, lunge, burpee 

knee push-up, plank, bear crawl

hang hold, knee raise, box jumping pull-up

row, run, bike, single-under, box step-up

2-meter rope climb/pull

kettlebell movements 12/8 kg

dumbbell movements 12,5/7,5 kg

barbell thruster & snatch (power) 20/15 kg

barbell clean & jerk (power) 40/25 kg

barbell deadlift 60/40 kg

Main & Master division

air squat, lunge, burpee 

box push-up, handstand hold

knees 2 upper arm/toes to bar, pull-up (6-8 reps)

run, bike, double-under, box jump

5-meter rope climb

kettlebell movements 24/16 kg

dumbbell movements 22,5/15 kg

barbell thruster & snatch (squat) 40/30 kg

barbell clean & jerk (squat) 50/35 kg

barbell deadlift 80/55 kg

Top division

air squat, lunge, burpee 

push-up, handstand walk

toes to bar, chest 2 bar pull-up (6-8 reps) 

run, bike, double-under, box jump

3-meter legless rope climb

kettlebell movements 28/20 kg

dumbbell movements 30/22,5 kg

barbell thruster & snatch (squat) 50/35 kg

barbell clean & jerk (squat) 60/40 kg

barbell deadlift 90/60 kg

Is there a minimum age?

There is no upper age limit, but there is a minimum: you can participate if you are 16 years old and half of your team must be at least 18 years.

That means that you have turned 16/18 years of age before the event starts. No athlete under the minimum age may register to compete.

Any athlete younger than 18 years old will be required to provide additional parental consent during the online registration.

What is the Master division?

The Master division is a division for our experienced athletes. If you are born in/before 1986, but the choice is entirely yours, it is not an obligation.

The Master division is only possible in the Main division and Buddy Team categories. You will have your own ranking.

Already part of the athlete family?

Have you been placed in the top 5 during The Finals? Awesome!

We encourage you to take the next step and compete in a higher division.

You have already proven that you can handle this division and therefore have more competition among those teams. 

Promoted to a higher division?

Athletes who have achieved a podium place (top 3) during the 2018 and/or 2019 Finals, will be promoted automatically to a higher division in 2020.

Congratulations on your achievement, let's take your fitness to the next level!

Want to compete in a lower division?

Athletes may only participate in a lower division, provided that 50% of the team has not yet participated in a higher division in the 2018 and/or 2019 Finals OR has not yet participated in one of our events.

We are ready to rumble! Are you?

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