Omniyou raffles 3 DNA analysis + Nutrition plans
22 november 2022 
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Omniyou raffles 3 DNA analysis + Nutrition plans

Omniyou helps you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that really suits your body. An Omniyou DNA analysis is the ideal starting point to achieve your goals more easily:

  • Eat what your body needs
  • Improve your sports performance through more targeted training
  • Get a more efficient night's sleep
  • Monitor your limits in terms of stress
  • Postpone skin aging as long as possible

Do you want to know how you can optimize your training, daily nutrition, and lifestyle?

Our athletes have a chance to win a free Omniyou DNA analysis in the field of sports, nutrition, sleep, stress, and skin aging. This represents a value of 231 euros.


How to win this amazing prize👇

Make sure that you and your training buddies finish in the top 3 during the competition.

Omniyou will put together a tote bag for 108 athletes with a discount code of 25% for a number of our products, including the Omniyou DNA analysis complete and the Omniyou Nutrition plan.

In addition, there will be a QR code on the flyer with a discount code, where you can register for the raffle of 3x DNA analysis + Nutrition plan.

The podium finishers have 1 week to register, after which the registration closes and the raffle takes place.

Omniyou will contact the 3 lucky winners!

🏋 Want to know more about how you can use DNA to get the most out of your lifestyle?

Last but not least:
Step by their booth (number 8) to discover how they enable people to adopt a healthier lifestyle based on their genetic information.

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