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"You'll get the same feelings that the pro athletes have. I'm not here to take the first price, I'm here to enjoy it!"

We are grateful for the many events we have been able to realize with the support of our partners, crewmembers, athletes, and fans!

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"Really enjoyed the Njoya online competition during the 2nd lockdown. Well organized and fun to challenge yourself during a strange period. Thanks!"
Evelien van Hoeve Review Njoya League
Evelien van Hoeve, Breda

"I participated in this online competition together with my buddy. It was really cool! The workouts were all well organized. They were all killing, challenging but certainly doable. Easy to adapt to everyone's level, even if you and your buddy have a different level. I will certainly be there again in the next competition!"

Sharon Giesberts review Njoya League
Sharon Giesberts, Echt 

"The online 'support your box' competition was the perfect motivation during the lock-down to go all out in the WOD's. Was fun and organized for every level athlete!"

Wilma Van Bokhorst, Spakenburg
Wilma Van Bokhorst, Spakenburg
"Always good, Cozy, and Cool Events at the Njoya. The strength is in the name of the company, enjoying and experiencing a challenging "Functional Fitness" Competition, together with a Buddy or a team. No Doubt, just join us!"
CrossFit Ridderkerk - review Njoya League

Robbert Timmermans, CrossFit Ridderkerk

"My first competition was in 2016 and since then I competed every year. The athlete is central and the team/organization does everything in its power to ensure that everyone has a great day. For that reason, I decided to be part of this awesome crew myself. Together we have lots of fun in what we do. And it's very nice to be able to put others in the spotlight now."

Joffrey Varkenvisser Njoya League review
Joffrey Varkevisser, Strijen

"I have only been doing Crossfit for three quarters of a year and participated in the (online) Njoya workout for the first time - great fun! A very nice initiative in these times and just that extra motivation to give more than 100% for a workout. I participated in mixed buddy teams with my husband, a great challenge for us together :-)"

Nienke Collee Verboom review Njoya League
Nienke Verboom
"I got to know Njoya for the first time in 2015. Since then we have been regularly present at the Njoya events with a number of our members. The organization is always well organized and the various event workouts are nice and challenging!!"
Rocher Möllenkamp, RMPT Almere

"Very nice cool experience! Everything was well organized, good music, atmosphere, and everything was well explained! Njoya league is for all levels. So if you would like to participate in a Top event together with your buddy or as a Team, I advise everyone to participate in the Njoya league anyway!"
Pascal Sibbald, No excuses Roosendaal
“Kwakzalver is for everybody like Njoya is. An event that is accessible to everybody, young and experienced, amateur and pro. That’s why Kwakzalver is a proud sponsor of Njoya.”  We join our forces to make the best out of you, in a way that is accessible and especially fun for everyone. Get a grip on your victories with Kwakzalver!
Roy Boeve, CEO Kwakzalver

"You'll get the same feelings that the pro athletes have. I'm not here to take the first price, I'm here to enjoy it!"

Paul Richardson, CrossFit Posterus Brunssum

"The thing I love mainly within the masters' division is, you talk to your opponent. It's more like friends going out, like a bro session where you've got to throw down, it's just fun that way"

Stacy Jones, Den Haag 

"I like that everybody can compete at their own level. The mixed part is really nice because I get to compete with my boyfriend. Being able to share the same passion and to do that with other athletes as well, is what I like the most. What I remember the most about the Njoya league, it's a lot of fun"
Amy van der Stigchel, Dordrecht