About the Njoya League

By the community, for the community!


We organize sports competitions with the main focus on athlete development and bringing people together by challenging them also in their communication & teamwork. The most important part is that everyone has fun in what they are doing – athletes, crewmembers, and spectators alike.

Because we work with 4 divisions, a promotion structure, and various categories, our events are accessible to everybody: young and experienced, amateur and pro.  Not only do the "elite athletes" have the opportunity to celebrate their victory during a competition, but within our community, everybody deserves a podium spot! 

Aspects like strength, speed, agility, and coordination play an important role in the training process. Training regularly at high intensity and using different energy systems will not only positively impact overall conditioning but also athletic abilities. 

Team up and practice your team tactics with your favorite buddy(‘s).  

Our Superteam

We are a team of sports-oriented people with different expertise and backgrounds.

Our strength: Connecting people with sports activities where everyone is physically and mentally challenged, hence our motto: By the community, for the community.

We believe that engaging in sports connects people, and therefore we would like to let people experience this. It's all about good cooperation with lots of FUN, both within the team and with our members and partners.

We are not an organization that's cheering you on, we are part of your team!

The initiator of the Njoya League

Meet Naomi Rinsampessy, an ambitious entrepreneur and former International CrossFit® and Miss Fitness athlete. She brings her top sport and 20 years of coaching experience to events and coaching programs.

A smile of gratitude appears as I think back to the journey I took and what it brought me. I have gained a Dutch, Benelux, and World title in the Miss Fitness category and was one of the first Dutch CrossFit athletes to compete at the European Regionals (2012).

We all know, top sport is temporary...

When I discovered that there were, not only individual but also team competitions for this sport, It was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the ambition to be part of a team at an International CrossFit competition did not take off at the time.

I still wanted to experience and the energy of a team sport, bring out the best in each other and share the highlights with each other.

My career turned out differently

but I still managed what I aspired to, a team achievement, not only for myself but accessible to everyone.

Organizing team events with more than 60 crew members is another way to experience the performance of a team.

At this moment, I can only be grateful for the fact that, not as an athlete, but as an organizer of 30 team events, I have gained one of the best insights:

"To be honest: what we have built together as an organization, has ultimately given me more satisfaction and pleasure, than being able to receive a prize on my own."

What we can do for you

Sign up for a team competition!

Is it too scary to compete as an individual athlete? No problem, we offer you a sporty, challenging, and above all fun event!

A community where everyone is welcome wants to work hard with a common goal: becoming fitter and pushing boundaries, both physically and mentally.

Not only does it motivate you to train together, but it is also much more fun! A sporty way to celebrate your Fitness!

Join our team!

Do you want to be part of our AMAZING team this season?  

Not only will you get a t-shirt and have a fantastic time, but we’ll also provide snacks and lunch during the day ;).

You’d like to stay for 2 days? GREAT!
Then we’ll make sure you have a place to sleep close by and of course a nice dinner on Saturday. Don’t keep us in suspense any longer and let us know!

Partner up?

You have the opportunity to rent stand space at our competition location and/or to request a partnership. 

Through partner packages, we want to increase the scope of the media reach beyond the standard stands, banners during events, and/or online marketing. 

You will benefit from media attention before, during, and after the event to increase your name recognition.

The community speaks

These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
"The organization is always well organized"
"I got to know Njoya for the first time in 2015. Since then we have been regularly present at the Njoya events with a number of our members. The organization is always well organized and the various event workouts are nice and challenging !!"
Rocher Möllenkamp, RMPT Almere

"Very nice and cool experience!"

"Very nice and cool experience! Everything was well organized, good music, atmosphere, and everything was well explained! Njoya league is for all levels. So if you would like to participate in a Top event together with your buddy or as a Team, I advise everyone to participate in the Njoya league anyway!"
Pascal Sibbald, No excuses Roosendaal
"We join our forces to make the best out of you"
“Kwakzalver is for everybody like Njoya is. An event that is accessible to everybody, young and experienced, amateur and pro. That’s why Kwakzalver is a proud sponsor of Njoya.”  We join our forces to make the best out of you, in a way that is accessible and especially fun for everyone. Get a grip on your victories with Kwakzalver!
Roy Boeve, CEO Kwakzalver