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Support your box competition:

28 Jan - 17 Feb 2021

This online team competition has been set up to support the community!

get your ticket & Support your box/gym

5 euros per ticket will be transferred to the (registered) box/gym of the athlete's choice. 

  • Create a Buddy Team (Female, Mix, or Male Buddy Team).
  • Registration is possible until February 3rd at 23.59 hours!
  • Registration fee: €10,57 per athlete (individual registration process).
  • €5,00 will be transferred to the box/gym you selected.

You don’t have to mention your team name, division, and category during your registration, we’ll check your registration with your score submission.

Test your Fitness with your buddy & support your favorite box at the same time!

Teams who already have tickets for our live event ⤵️

Athletes AND crewmembers can register for free. 

You've received an email (January 1st) with a 100% discount code.

Your original ticket, division, and category will be maintained for May 2021 (live event).

For this Online competition, you are allowed to replace an athlete and/or participate in another division and category. Note: due to the 1.5m-protocol, we only have Buddy Team categories.

Do you want to change your division for the Online competition? 

You do not have to report this, we use the selected division of your 1st score.


Support your box competition agenda


Support your box checklist


Support your box competition weights

Will you announce the workouts beforehand?

  • Yes, the workouts will be published on our website, socials, and our competition corner. This way you’re able to practice team tactics with your favorite buddy(‘s).
  • Movement standard (videos), the flow of the workout, and score forms will be released in our academy (part of Ondernemen op Sneakers).
  • Athlete information and communication will be done at the Njoya League competition corner. 
  • Questions can only be submitted in at the competition corner, underneath the workout topic.
  • Athletes who already registered have received an email with your login information for the competition corner.

How do I submit my team scores?

  • You can submit your score in the link we’ll share together with the movement standards.
    • Only one team member has to submit one team score. Submitting or changing scores is no longer possible after the deadline of each workout.
    • Filming is not necessary, we trust that you will enter the competition in a fair manner during this preparation.
    • Save your paper judge form until the Official ranking is published at the end of the competition. We might ask for it for clarification about the score or tie-break of your workout.
    • After each event, a sub ranking will be made and will be published on the website, socials, and our Competition corner.

Competition details

team composition

Team composition: categories

How many people can you register per Buddy Team or Fantastic 4?

Is it still possible to change the team composition before the event?

If I am in a team but I can’t participate in the end what happens then?



Minimum skills explained per division.

What is the Prep division?

When can I register as a Master 35+?

Are you promoted to a higher division?

Do you want to compete in a lower division?


Support your box competition

No qualification procedure, but an open registration, so no extra costs.

Each participant must register individually and get an athlete ticket.

Athlete information and communication will be done at the Njoya League competition corner (part of Ondernemen op Sneakers). 

The community speaks

These slides will be slide-able on the live version of your page!
"The organization is always well organized"
"I got to know Njoya for the first time in 2015. Since then we have been regularly present at the Njoya events with a number of our members. The organization is always well organized and the various event workouts are nice and challenging !!"
Rocher Möllenkamp, Almere
Rocher Möllenkamp, RMPT

"Very nice and cool experience!"

"Very nice and cool experience! Everything was well organized, good music, atmosphere, and everything was well explained! Njoya league is for all levels. So if you would like to participate in a Top event together with your buddy or as a Team, I advise everyone to participate in the Njoya league anyway!"
Pascal Sibbald - no excuses Roosendaal
Pascal Sibbald, No excuses
"We join our forces to make the best out of you"
“Kwakzalver is for everybody like Njoya is. An event that is accessible to everybody, young and experienced, amateur and pro. That’s why Kwakzalver is a proud sponsor of Njoya.”  We join our forces to make the best out of you, in a way that is accessible and especially fun for everyone. Get a grip on your victories with Kwakzalver!
Roy Boeve, CEO Kwakzalver
Roy Boeve, CEO Kwakzalver