Competition corner:
25-26 November 2022

Here you'll find all the competition details you'll need as an athlete

400 athletes will compete at Fitfair Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Friday 25 November

Prep Division Spots:

      • Fantastic 4: 2x Female + 2x Male
      • Female Buddy: 2x Female
      • Mix Buddy: Female + Male
      • Male Buddy: 2x Male 

      Master Division Spots:

      • Female Buddy 2x Female
      • Mix Buddy: Female + Male
      • Male Buddy: 2x Male

Sat. 26 November

    Main Division Spots:
        • Fantastic 4: 2x Female + 2x Male
        • Female Buddy: 2x Female
        • Mix Buddy: Female + Male
        • Male Buddy: 2x Male 

        Top Division Spots:

        • Fantastic 4: 2x Female + 2x Male
        • Female Buddy: 2x Female
        • Mix Buddy: Female + Male 
        • Male Buddy: 2x Male

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Njoya League spectator & Fitfair ticket

Who is your biggest fan?

As an athlete, it would be fun when your fans are there to support your team!
We love to welcome your friends, family, and training buddies! Invite them to the competition 🎉

Fitfair Jaarbeurs is the event where the fitness fanatic, the fitness professional, and the club/box owner meet to shape the future of our industry. 

By combining a high-level knowledge event with an innovative exhibition floor of 4000m2, the event has set a new standard in the fitness sector. Divided over 16 areas, Fitfair presents more than 100 program elements for the +/- 5000 visitors.

  • Younger fans have free entrance until the age of 12 years.
  • As an athlete you will, of course, have access to the event all weekend and you do not need a spectator ticket.
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This page will be regularly updated

with competition information such as:

- overview teams per division and category

- heat schedules & timetable

- workouts & movement standards

You will of course receive an email notification about each update.