Workout 2 - Support your box 2, 22 April - 28 April 2021
22 april 2021 
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Workout 2 - Support your box 2, 22 April - 28 April 2021

Workout 2 - Support your box 2 - 22-28 April 2021


  • You do this workout as a team but only 1 athlete is working at the time, how you divide the work is up to you.
  • You also have to set a timer for every 2 minutes (besides your running clock), because every 2 minutes starts with 1 athlete performing the shuttle sprints.
  • Make sure you measure and mark the two 5 meter lines before you start, it’s not allowed to do one time 10 meters, you have to make the turn after 5 meters.
  • Make sure you measure and mark your feet and hand position lines for the Renegade Rows (see instructions in Movement Standards).
  • You can choose as a team if you want to do SU or DU, but once the workout is started you have to stick to your choice.
  • Clock: Make sure you set your clock on running up (ascending), plus a 2-minute timer.
  • The tiebreak is after you finished the complete first-round (after the 300 SU/100 DU).
  • When you have finished the workout you note the TOTAL TIME, there is no time cap!
  • The complete workout description and score form will be released at the competition corner:
  • Make sure you review both the movement standard video and complete workout description, so you know exactly what to do.
  • Questions can only be submitted at the Competition corner underneath the workout topic. 

You can go after it as many times as you want, but the final score needs to be submitted before the following Wednesday 23:59 hours, via the link we’ve shared via email.

Don’t forget to film your epic finish! Good luck, stay safe, and have fun during your competition!

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