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Competition corner:

15 April - 5 May 2021

Here you'll find all the competition details you'll need as an athlete


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Workout details

  • Every Thursday at 11.00 hours, we'll announce the workout for that week on this page.
  • Each workout has a so-called “flow” where it’s written clearly how the workout should be performed: where you start, which order of movements, when there is a tiebreak, etc.
  • Also, each workout has its movement standards, here we explain by text & video’s how you should perform the movement and which standards to uphold.
  • Make sure you review both the video and description beforehand, so you know exactly what to do.
  • If you have any questions or doubts you can contact us via the contact form
  • We'll document a FAQ list for each workout.

Scores & Results

  • You can submit your score in the link we’ll share in the announcement email: every Thursday
    • One team member has to submit a team score
    • Submitting or changing scores is no longer possible after the deadline of each workout. (following Wednesday 23.59 hours) 
    • Filming is not necessary, we trust that you will enter the competition in a fair manner.
    • Save your paper judge form until the Official ranking is published. We might ask for clarification about the score or tie-break of your workout.
    • After receiving an email ( you’ll have 24 hours to submit your paper judge form. If it is not delivered in time, you’ll have a zero score for this workout.
    • After each event, a sub-ranking will be made and will be published on our socials, and this page.
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~ Njoy the Bell ~

  • You do this workout as a team, EVERYTHING is synchronized.
  • Make sure you measure and mark the two 5 meter lines before you start, it’s not allowed to do one time 10 meters, you have to make the turn after 5 meters.
  • During the whole workout, you both use 2 Kettlebells or 2 Dumbbells.
  • Clock: Make sure you set your clock on running up (ascending).
  • Tiebreak: The tie-break is noted after the Overhead Walk.

Movement standards & scores

Make sure you review both the movement standard video and complete workout description, so you know exactly what to do.

Score: Each movement that you finish the set reps of, has its own score which is written on the score form under each box (in grey), please add those numbers together for your final score.

Use our score form and make sure you save it or at least take a photo from it directly. We might ask you for it. After receiving an email from you’ll have 24 hours to submit your form.

If it’s not delivered on time you will receive zero points.

Workout questions? Don't be shy & contact us 📬