Workout 1 - Support your Box, 28 January - 3 February 2021
28 januari 2021 
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Workout 1 - Support your Box, 28 January - 3 February 2021

Workout 1 - Support your box 28 jan - 3 feb 2021


  • You do this workout as a team, how you divide the work is up to you.
  • Each round, one athlete does the burpees, the other athlete is resting.
  • When performing the synchronized Thrusters, both athletes are working at the same time.
  • Before you start make sure you have marked 2 lines, 1 meter from each other.
  • For this workout, both athletes are free to choose what weight they will work with. This will be a tactical choice because the score of this workout is the weight you’ve used times the number of SYNC repetitions.
  • Once you have made a choice, you have to stick with it.
  • Both athletes have to work with their own KB/DB during the entire workout.

    The weight you’ve used in workout 1, doesn’t define your division.

    example workout 1

Flow of the workout:

  • The workout starts with both athletes standing tall with the Kettlebell/Dumbbell (KB/DB) on the floor.
  • When the beep sounds, one athlete starts with 5 burpees and the other athlete is resting.
  • Once you finish the burpees, both athletes pick up KB/DB and perform as many repetitions of SYNC Thrusters in the remaining time of the minute.
  • When the beep sounds (on the 1-minute mark), both athletes put their KB/DB down, then one athlete starts with 5 burpees, and so on. 

Workout details:

  • Movement standard (videos), complete description, the flow of the workout, and judge forms will be released in our academy. Make sure you review both the video and description so you know exactly what to do.
  • Questions can only be submitted at the competition corner, underneath the workout topic. 
  • After each event, a sub ranking will be made and will be published in the competition corner. The final ranking will be published on the website, socials, and the competition corner.

Online Score form:

When you fill in the (online) score form we will ask your team name, category, and division. This way we can add your team to the correct ranking. For the other workouts, your division dictates certain movements and weights.

If you are in doubt of which division to choose please check our minimum skills & requirements here:

You can go after it as many times as you want, but the final score needs to be submitted before Wednesday 3 February, 23:59 hours, via the link we’ve shared via email.

Save your paper judge form until the Official ranking is published at the end of the competition. We might ask for clarification about the score or tie-break of your workout. After receiving an email ( you’ll have 24 hours to submit your judge form. If it is not delivered in time, you’ll have a zero score for this workout.

Registration can be done until February 3rd, 23.59 hours.

Don’t forget to film your epic finish! Good luck, stay safe, and have fun during your competition! Let’s go!!

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