Online team competition details
09 september 2020 
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Online team competition details

Where can I find the competition information?

The workouts will be published on our website, socials, and our Online platform. This way you’re able to practice team tactics with your favorite buddy(‘s).

  • Every Thursday 11.00 hours we’ll announce a team workout.
  • Details like movement standard (videos), the flow of the workout, and score forms will be released in our academy
  • Questions can only be submitted at the competition corner, underneath the workout topic.

Athletes who already registered have received an email with your login information for this platform.

How do I submit my team scores?

You can submit your score in the link we’ll share via email.

  • Filming is not necessary, we trust that you will enter the competition in a fair manner during this preparation.
  • Save your paper judge form until the Official ranking is published at the end of the competition. We might ask for it for clarification about the score or tie-break of your workout.
  • Only one team member has to submit one team score.
  • Submitting or changing scores is no longer possible after the deadline of each workout: following Wednesday 23.00 hours.

After each event, a sub ranking will be made and will be published in the competition corner. The final ranking will be published on the website, socials, and the competition corner.

submit scores WOD 1Do you want to join the Online team competition?

  • Create a Buddy- or Fantastic 4 Team;
  • Choose your division: Prep, Main, Master, or Top division;
  • Registration fee: €10,57 per athlete.

You don’t have to mention your team name with your registration, we’ll check your registration with your score submission. New athletes will get their login information after your individual registration is complete.

Team up with your favorite buddy(‘s) and sign in for the Online team competition!

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