Choose the division that fits you best!
08 september 2020 
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Choose the division that fits you best!

It’s almost showtime!

This online team competition is intended as a nice preparation for the real competition in May 2021. It’s the perfect way to figure out which aspects need some attention to your next competition.

Are you already part of the Njoya League athlete family?

When you already have a ticket for next year’s event, you’re automatically registered for this Online competition. Your original ticket, division, and category will be maintained for May 2021 (live event), but for this online competition, we want to be a bit more flexible and challenge you to test your current fitness level.

Because most athletes registered last year (2019), we understand a lot has been changed. As you know, it is allowed to replace an athlete in case someone is absent from your team. And some athletes might even be more fit than they thought they would be during the original event in May 2020.

Skills per division explained

Choose the division that fits you best! A division that feels comfortable, but still is challenging.

We have created an overview that explains all skills per division. All exercises and weights are set to a medium/high rep range (8-15 reps) unless mentioned otherwise. Note: these are minimum skills no, maximum efforts.

It may well occur that you might not be able to do all parts equally well, but the workouts are set up in such a way that the level of difficulty is built up and you can benefit each other’s strengths. If you are in doubt you can ask your coach or contact us.

Do you want to change your division for the Online competition?

Notification to the organization is not necessary, we’ll use the division on your submission form of your 1st score (workout 1).

Live competition May 2021, do you want to promote to a higher division?

We have also received some requests already, but this has a different follow up as we are limited by our 2-day program, but we still want to try and find the best options for you.

Have you been placed in the top 5 during The Online competition? Awesome! You have proven that you can handle this division and therefore have more competition among those teams. Of course, we encourage you to take the next step and compete in a higher division.

You have the option to request your change of division until October 15th. The requests are processed in order of request (mail date and time).

Again, we cannot guarantee any changes. We do want to look at the possibilities for this weekend in a way that works to your advantage. Send us an email with your division preference and you’ll be notified when changes occur in that works to your advantage.

Registration is still open!

Visit this link for information and registration. Registration is open until Wednesday, September 15th 23.00 hours. You don’t have to mention your team name with your registration, we’ll check your registration with your score submission.

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun during your workouts!

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