Winners, Online Buddy Team competition: Support your box!
24 februari 2021 
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Winners, Online Buddy Team competition: Support your box!

The first edition of Support your box has come to an end 😒

With this method, we have set the tone for our future activities. We look forward to paying commission to our affiliate partners in the future. During this event, 20 partners have already registered and we warmly welcome the new boxes/gyms. More info will follow soon.

Hereby we present the winners of each division and categoryπŸ†

WINNERS - Final ranking jan/feb 2021 - Support your box.png

Congratulations on your achievement!Β πŸŽ‰

The winners of each category win 4 spectator tickets per Buddy Team for our next live event! 🎟🎟🎟🎟

You will not receive this ticket physically, but we have added your names to the List of Fame.

Are you curious about the complete ranking?

Visit the competition corner for all details per workout, category, and division.

Athletes, thank you for your hard work, energy, and contribution.

Not only your favorite box is thankful, but we also had much fun organizing this competition for you.Β As the entire community, we are looking forward to another live event.

Stay fit, safe, and have fun during your training sessions!

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