Update live event September 2021
18 juli 2021 
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Update live event September 2021

Everyone is eager to attend a live competition. As an athlete, crew, partner, or fitness fanatic. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that organizing a live event, as you are used to from us, is impossible and probably not yet allowed.

As an organization, we feel responsible towards the people involved in participating, visiting, and organizing a live event. 

We choose to put health first and not take unnecessary risks.

The live competition event will (hopefully for the last time) be moved to May 7-8, 2022 at Health Center Hoenderdaal, Driebergen. Of course, teams with a ticket are assured of participation.

Of course, we did not sit still and put different scenarios next to each other, to see what is possible under the current circumstances.

In the past year, we have organized 3 online competitions. We think that everyone is ready for a live event but on a smaller scale.

We want to organize various clinics at different CrossFit locations. Depending on your wishes, the location options, and the current measures, we will organize this for the community.

Because of our mission: By the community, for the community, we would like to know your wishes. 

We’ve sent all athletes and crewmembers some questions. We look forward to receiving your wishes by email.

We will communicate more details when we have collected your wishes and the agenda is set.

Interested in a live event ticket?

We mediate between teams who:

  • are unable to attend in September;
  • wants to switch division;
  • have not yet managed to purchase a ticket;

When it is a resale ticket, we ensure that the money is transferred to the correct team.

Click the link, to claim your ticket >>>

Stay fit, safe, and have fun during your training sessions!

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