Unofficial Athlete list, 7-8 May 2022
15 april 2022 
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Unofficial Athlete list, 7-8 May 2022

Yessss, we're 3 weeks out and really looking forward to our live event on 7-8 May, Health Center Hoenderdaal - Driebergen.

It was a biggggg challenge to set up a correct athlete list after 2 years of postponing our live competition.

Most of you bought a ticket in 2019, do you remember...?

Some forgot they still have a ticket, have become parents (congrats!), athletes have moved, or unfortunately are injured.

Thank you for your patience, email reactions, and lovely messages! 

It's good to get reconnect with our community and to see you look forward to competing again.

Check >>> your live event competition corner for this Unofficial athlete list!

Do have a ticket, but not mentioned on this list?
When you don't see your name on this athlete list, but still want to compete at this event, contact us asap!

Don't have a ticket, but still want to compete?
Visit >>> this page to claim a team ticket!

We connect athletes who are not attending this event, with athletes who are eager to compete at our event.

On behalf of our crew team, we look forward to giving you an unforgettable event again.

Happy Easter weekend!

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