Time for a big change
19 september 2022 
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Time for a big change

After our exclusive event on 25/26 November, our activities will look different.

10 years ago we brought the top of the Benelux together during an invitational at the SAP weekend in Veldhoven. This is followed by 9 awesome years with more than 40 competitions, in amazing venues and in collaboration with great partners.

We believe that engaging in sports connects people, and therefore we would like to let people experience this. Our events are all about good teamwork with lots of FUN, both within the team and with our members and partners.

The last team competition 

The Fitfair event in the Jaarbeurs will be our last team competition. 

  • Are we sad? Sure!
  • Are there awesome team competitions that athletes can participate in? Yes, you can pick and choose!

What can you expect from us in the future?

We are proud of what we have built, so we don't let anyone down!

Our mission remains the same: Connecting people with sports activities where everyone is physically and mentally challenged, hence our motto: By the community, for the community.

  • Hosting events at your box/gym (similar to prep events)
  • Sharing expertise through clinics (good preparation for your team competitions)
  • Training days/weekends with different experts/top coaches

Maybe you have cool ideas that we can incorporate into our activities. 

Drop it in the comments or send us an email.

We thought it was important to share it with you now so that we can enjoy and celebrate our 10-year anniversary together🎉

On behalf of the team, we look forward to organizing an exclusive event for you as an athlete/team in a super cool venue, surrounded by fitness-related stands, equipped with an extensive catering square, and with unlimited access to inspiring masterclasses.

The last open spots are on Friday 25 November!

Do you want to compete in our exclusive and last competition? We've got some tickets for the Prep and Master (35+) divisions. 

  • Fantastic 4 Team (2x Female + 2x Male)
  • Female Buddy Team (2x Female)
  • Mix Buddy Team (1x Female + 1x Male)
  • Male Buddy Team (2x Male)

On Saturday we've got some open spots in the Top division, the Female Buddy Team category.

No Online Qualifier, you register in the division that fits you best. Team up, get your ticket and your spot is secure.

>>> More info & tickets

Have fun with your training sessions!

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