Partnership Rubber sports floors
15 april 2022 
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Partnership Rubber sports floors

Since the emergence of Crossfit in the Netherlands, Bos Rubber's CrossFit floor has become a household name in the fitness and CrossFit world. Thanks to the durable and wear-resistant rubber sports floor (and tiles), every sports area can be provided with quality – precisely where quality counts. 

Fitness and Crossfit are becoming more and more popular and customers are placing higher and higher demands on the fitness equipment but also on the fitness floor. After all, the fitness floor, the CrossFit floor, must be damping but also clean!

The Rubber sports floor from Bos Rubber offers many advantages:

Due to the damping property of the durable rubber tiles or mats, dumbells and other weights cannot damage the floor. Because of the quality of the rubber, which is pressed hard with a special production method, the floor remains wear-resistant, there is no longer any cold build-up and the subfloor remains better protected. 

Exactly what is needed when performing intensive sports exercises!

Bos Rubber is proud of their achieved air quality certificate and noise report on their fitness tiles.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of the rubber fitness floor from Bos Rubber, we are happy to advise:

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