Icetubs available during our live event: 7-8 May!
26 april 2022 
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Icetubs available during our live event: 7-8 May!

We all know by now that an ice-cold bath is good for you. It's good for your heart rate, your skin, sleep and so much more. As an athlete, you want to get the most out of yourself and perform at the right time. 

The moment where everything fits together exactly because you go for the highest attainable. An ice tub is therefore highly recommended for you, but for a different reason than you might think. Here we tell you the benefits of an ice bath for athletes.

The real effect of cold on muscle recovery

When you dive into the internet you see that many sources talk about muscle recovery in relation to cold. Mostly positive messages. For example, you would have less muscle pain and recover faster by stepping into the cold after a great effort.

The conclusion from various scientific studies is that the psychological effects have a much greater influence so that athletes think they have less muscle pain. Your mindset is very important here. Do you believe you can win? Then you win. Do you believe it works? Then it works!

Benefits of an ice-cold bath for athletes:

  • ✅ It brings you to the here and now;
  • ✅ It teaches you to focus and push your boundaries;
  • ✅ It is good preparation for a competition.

Is an Ice Bath Good for an Athlete?

Yes, an ice-cold bath is good for athletes. And not because of the positive benefits. Of course, the boost for your immune system and your cardiovascular system is also very nice for you as an athlete. But, it is precisely the mental and psychological benefits that count for you and that is even more powerful than you initially think!

Icetubs will provide ice baths at the Njoya League! 

An extra service (read challenge) for our competitors on 7-8 May!

Bring your swimsuit and step into an ice-cold bath between your workouts! Who dares to step in one of the Icetubs?

Check >>> their website for interesting articles and more info!



on 18 May 2022

Hi, ik vond het erg jammer dat de ice baths er niet meer waren op 8 mei, terwijl dat van tevoren wel aangegeven was! Ik had me erop verheugd en spullen meegebracht :( Misschien een leermomentje voor in september? :)

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