Gymnastics clinic winner, Crossfit7Kamp
04 juni 2022 
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Gymnastics clinic winner, Crossfit7Kamp

We set up an awesome Gymnastics clinic giveaway last month.

The box/gym that will represent the most participants during our live event in September wins a 2,5-hour gymnastics clinic by Karin Weijgers & Naomi Rinsampessy

The deadline for this giveaway was 31 May at midnight.

Gymnastics clinic Giveaway winner Crossfit 7kamp/Unity99

Congratulations CrossFit 7kamp / Unity99 for bringing your community to our live event!

We’ll contact you to schedule a date!

Still, want to join our live competition?

Registration is open until 30 June.

  • 🗓17-18 Sept: Team competition, Utrecht! 
  • ❌ No Online Qualifier
  • ✅ First come, first serve! 

You've got at least 15 weeks to prepare yourself 💪

Team up and claim your team ticket, and your spot is secure!

Click >>> this link for more info and registration.

Do you have any doubts? 

Contact us, and we will advise and help you out!

For now, Njoya your weekend and have fun with your training sessions!

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