Everyone deserves a podium spot!
31 december 2013 
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Everyone deserves a podium spot!

Meet Naomi Rinsampessy,

an ambitious entrepreneur and former International CrossFit® and Miss Fitness athlete. She brings her top sport and 20 years of coaching experience to events and coaching programs.

A smile of gratitude appears as I think back to the journey I took and what it brought me. I have gained a Dutch, Benelux, and World title in the Miss Fitness category and was one of the first Dutch CrossFit athletes to compete at the European Regionals (2012).

We all know, every top sport career is temporary

When I discovered that there were, not only individual but also team competitions for this sport, It was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the ambition to be part of a team at an International CrossFit competition did not take off at the time.

I still wanted to experience and the energy of a team sport, bring out the best in each other and share the highlights with each other.

Life took me on a different path

But I still managed what I aspired to, a team achievement, not only for myself but accessible to everyone. Organizing team events with more than 60 crew members is another way to experience the performance of a team.

At this moment, I can only be grateful for the fact that, not as an athlete, but as an organizer of 30 team events, I have gained one of the best insights: You don’t perform alone, you win together.

“To be honest: what we have built together as an organization has ultimately given me more satisfaction and pleasure at the end of the journey than being able to receive a prize on my own.”

The most important part: FUN

We organize sports competitions with the main focus of athlete development and bringing people together by challenging them also in their communication & teamwork. The most important part is that everyone has fun in what they are doing – athletes, crewmembers, and spectators alike.

Because we work with 4 divisions, a promotion structure, and various categories, our events are accessible to everybody: young and experienced, amateur and pro.

Not only the “elite athletes” have the opportunity to celebrate their victory during a competition, within our community, everybody deserves a podium spot! 

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