Join our crew team!

25/26 November 2022 @ Fitfair Jaarbeurs Utrecht 

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We believe that practicing sport connects people

And that's why we want to invite all sports enthusiasts within our community:

Register as a volunteer for our next event: 25/26 November 2022!

(1 or 2 days possible, it's not an obligation to join all weekend)

We do what we do, because of our passion for this sport & community. Without your efforts, it's impossible to organize these competitions.

Have you always wanted to contribute to a big event?

We organize sports competitions with the main focus on athlete development and bringing people together by challenging them also in their communication & teamwork. The most important part is that everyone has fun in what they are doing – athletes, crewmembers, and spectators alike.

Do you want to gain experience as a judge or in a different role? Then this is your chance!

Judges, Till & Chill crewmembers, and other specialists, we would like to welcome you to our amazing crew team!

Are you part of 400 athletes' experiences?

"Always good, Cozy, and Cool Events at the Njoya. The strength is in the name of the company, enjoying and experiencing a challenging "Functional Fitness" Competition, together with a Buddy or a team. No Doubt, just join us!"
Robbert Timmermans, CrossFit Ridderkerk
The athlete is central and the team/organization does everything in its power to ensure that everyone has a great day. For that reason, I decided to be part of this awesome crew myself. Together we have lots of fun in what we do. And it's very nice to be able to put others in the spotlight now."
Joffrey Varkevisser, Strijen
"I got to know Njoya for the first time in 2015. Since then we have been regularly present at the Njoya events with a number of our members. The organization is always well organized and the various event workouts are nice and challenging!!"
Rocher Möllenkamp, Almere

Rocher Möllenkamp, RMPT Almere


We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks!

Don't worry, we'll take care of you.


1 or 2 T-shirts included! 

Put on your favorite black pants and a pair of cool sneakers and you're ready to rock!

2 days crew

Great to see you all weekend!

In this case we offer you the opportunity to use an overnight stay.

First time?

Don't worry! 

Just as we operate in different divisions, we are eager to train you as a new crew member.

How would you like to contribute?


Master your judge skills!

Do you have an eye for every detail?

The judges must have an officially valid CrossFit judge certificate for judging the workouts and/or have demonstrable experience in judging the workouts.

team composition

Use your Fitness!

How functional is your fitness?

Use your gains with the Till & Chill team!

It's important to understand the floorplan, setup, and flow of every workout.

Do you want to gain experience?

During our so-called "crew call" you can indicate one of these opportunities:

Demo Team | Athlete Registration | Spectator Registration | Host | Practitioner | Floor Manager | Athlete Control | Scoring | MC | Photographer | Videographer.

Event job descriptions

We have made an overview for you with the different job descriptions. Download the overview so that you can immediately make a good choice.

After registration, we'll contact you to make sure the task at this event is a perfect match for you🏆 

This is going to be a pretty FUNcking weekend 🎉

Warm up

23 Nov: 15.00 - 19.00

Day 1
25 Nov: 7.15 - 19.15
Day 2
26 Nov: 7.15 - 19.15
Cool down
26 Nov: 19.30 - 22.00

Do you have questions in advance?

Contact us ⤵️