Njoya League spectator & Fitfair tickets

25-26 November 2022 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

400 athletes will compete at this exclusive & last team competition


Every athlete deserves a big podium

and we can give you that with this collaboration.

We believe that engaging in sports connects people, and therefore we would like to let people experience this. It's all about good cooperation with lots of FUN, both within the team and with our members and partners.

Because we work with 4 divisions, a promotion structure, and various categories, our events are accessible to everybody: young and experienced, amateur and pro.  

Not only do the "elite athletes" have the opportunity to celebrate their victory during competition but within our community, everybody deserves a podium.


Njoya League spectator & Fitfair tickets

Are you the biggest fan?

As an athlete, it would be fun when fans are there to support their team!
We love to welcome friends, family, and training buddies 🎉

Fitfair Jaarbeurs is the event where the fitness fanatic, the fitness professional, and the club/box owner meet to shape the future of our industry. 


  • Younger fans have free entrance until the age of 12 years.
  • As an athlete you will, of course, have access to the event all weekend and you do not need a spectator ticket.
    Use code: NJOYA25 to get a 25% discount
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Competition Corner

We've set up a competition corner for all the information you need to know, to support your favorite team to the fullest.

  • Overview teams per division and category
  • Heat schedules & timetable
  • Workouts & movement standards
  • Results will be shared on this page as well